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 visual intelligence


From the premise of what the creative process alone is, and its results, four performers improvise, alone on stage, wearing eight different outfits. The costumes are designed by costume designers, graphic designers and plastics artists, in order to challenge and confront them in stage, because they do not rehearse with them, perhaps they do not know them.
The plastic design becomes movement, sound and light in the spectator’s eye, where is discovered, while the dancers, interpretive challenges that produce the costume’s interaction and feedback with light and video programming along with live music, resulting in a performance where the sum of loneliness generates a creative whirlwind.

55 min/all audiences
4 dancers 1 musician 1 video and space creator
3 staff


In this show we speak about man domination of the natural habitat and the obvious eviction by mankind. It is an invitation to think about how human has change the earth and how it will be later mankind domination. Through multimedia images, circus acts and music, eight mutant characters take the audience to recognize everyday elements of a garden, exploring their feelings, movements and sounds that change the way you perceive the nature and the possible future. Scenic route through multimedia installations accompanied by circus acts that are performed outdoors at a night setting.

30 min/all audiences
8 circus artists

1 video and space creator
3 staff


A scenic proposal that is built under a  laboratory scheme. The movement appropriates unusual spaces for representation, with the idea of being in a new landscape or new place.
The experience takes place in two directions: Artists inhabit and modify the Miguel Covarrubias Hall  as a space and the space itself modifies the interventions of the artists, prepare for an assault on your senses involving visual, sound, light and movement interventions.
Fragment of the set COREOGRAFO DESIGN by Carolina Jimenez
Audio - Joel Dávalos "Gnomo",
Animation and Generative - Ivan Acosta - Carlos Xi "Skinned" - Medusa Lab

Technical Riders